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      Kinzd New Arrival: Kinzd Super Magnetic slim wallet Men's Front Pocket Wallet Card Holder ID Case RFID Blocking

      This is the greatest thin minimalist pocket wallet. It features 6 card slots, 1 ID window, and 1 Larger Card/Money/Receipt Pocket - Top Center Access, you can easily put all kinds of cards and money in and easily take out. With small size 11.2cm x 8cm x 0.3cm, in other words, it won't bulge in your front pocket. Making it more practical and comfortable for daily use. The Ultra-slim, compact design is ideal for the professional to hold all their credit cards and for front or back pocket wear. You will feel comfortable to take it even if long time sitting or driving.

      Slim RFID Blocking Wallet: Can Secures your credit card and other RFID-chipped cards, ID, Passport, etc. That is to say, it protects your personal information from being stolen and blocking all RFID scanners and readers.

      With High-Quality Genuine Leather and Good stitching. The slim wallet is made of Genuine Leather, soft and feels good. It is durable.

      Confident purchasing: Please note this magnetic slim wallet with 6 months Warranty, replace or money back without any hassle.

      Tips: The slim ID card wallet would be slightly tight for the first time. After using for a few weeks, it would be more soft and easier to put and take the used card out and in. We know that you love our wallet, so please also treat it with love and care!


      When Kinzd creates a product, We have a target audience in mind. The packaging is one that speaks directly to our Audience. Product packaging is all about colors, images, and finish. Undoubtedly, it’s the vibrant colors, stylish fonts, and even the shape of Our packaging which attracts the customers, But we Kinzd Believe good packaging is much more than this. The product packaging relies on several factors which means there’s more to a label than a pretty design.

      Whether you are treating yourself or giving a gift to someone else, Kinzd wants you to have an amazing and memorable experience. All items will be shipped using our signature gift packaging. Depending on the type and size, your item(s) will come wrapped in our signature microsuede sleeve, drawstring bag or soft velour bag (each with black tie accents), and be packaged inside a high-density bronze gift box. You will also have the opportunity to add a personalized gift message when you place your order.

      All of this extra attention to detail is complimentary.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Nice handy holder for credit cards, driver license & sheriff ID.

      Seems to be a quality item. Looks like leather. Makes it handy for keeping my work credit cards & sheriff ID etc all in one small holder. Much better than sitting on a thick wallet all day.

      Overall I’m pretty happy with this wallet

      This wallet is actually really useful. Small and compact enough to fit in my front pocket along with my phone. I'm able to store cards and cash without it gaining too much bulk. Quality is actually very good and it's very durable as it seems to handle my abuse. I recommend you try for yourself. I personally really like it and use it as my everyday wallet.

      RFID men's credit card wallet

      My cards are finally organized in a sleek container that takes up little space in my pocket. Now I can find what I need quickly and safely. The card organizer does the job for a little money.

      Bought for a trip, now my main wallet

      I wanted something smaller to make my trip to Vegas easier and now this is my new main wallet. The pocket in the center holds more bills than I would expect it too and for a compact wallet, this thing has plenty of room in it.

      Slim and Great new age wallet

      Holds exactly what you need and no more, very sleek and slim, sometimes I forget it's even in my pocket, the leather feels nice, I'm surprised how well it does for the price.