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      Safe RFID Blocking Wallet

      The RFID Blocking material is cover all around the wallet. In other words, no matter which pocket or slots you place the card in, our wallet can still protect it.

      Little Tips:
      It is easy to scratch the crazy horse leather. But you can wipe the scratch for a few times, it will disappear
      At the beginning of using, we covered with some oils on it, so it is a normal situation.
      After a few months, the oil will permeate into the leather, and the wallet will be much more bright and soft
      The card slot may be a little tight at the first time use, this is also a normal situation, after some time use, it will be smooth
      Package: 1 * slim wallet

      Excellent customer service If there is something wrong or you have a question about the wallet, we honestly hope you can contact our customer service firstly, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Perfect design. High quality. Great Purchase

      I have had this wallet for over three months -and it is my favorite wallet of all time. And I am 55. You deserve it because this wallet is a superb design and high quality. It fits comfortably in my front pocket, and I really like the inside money clip for cash and temporarily storing receipts. I would give it a 10 if I could.


      The wallet is sturdy! I mean like sturdy. In my line of work, I’m usually crawling under vehicles or climbing over them so mud, concrete, heat, dirt, anything, and this wallet will brush it off plus the little extra scratches give it a pretty cool rustic look. It relieves so much stress since it’s thinner so my hips aren’t at a weird angle anymore, and last it’s just so organized it really helps me not fumble through too much.