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      Kinzd Oil Wax Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet

      Litchi Leather Clip Wallet: Featured with high-quality Full Grain Cow Leather, feel soft, wear resistance, light to carry.

      Crazy Horse Leather Wallet Clip for Men: Looks classical and fashionable. Made from luxurious vintage leather, when you scratch the surface of wallet it may have wrinkles, scars. So please be assured that scratches belong to its inherent characteristics and natural beauty of the hide.

      Crosshatch Leather Money Clip: widely use it for brand leather goods such as various wallet and bags, touching comfortable, economic and practical, at the same time giving the enjoyment of the visual beauty.

      Carbon Fiber Magnet Wallet Clip: a new kind of fiber material with high strength and high modulus fiber. Water-Proof, durable and anti-corrosion.

      Cork Fabric (Vegan Leather) Slim Wallet With Money Clip: Minimalist & very Slim Design, appropriately sized card slots, it is very easy for cards in and out.


      When Kinzd creates a product, We have a target audience in mind. The packaging is one that speaks directly to our Audience. Product packaging is all about colors, images, and finish. Undoubtedly, it’s the vibrant colors, stylish fonts, and even the shape of Our packaging which attracts the customers, But we Kinzd Believe good packaging is much more than this. The product packaging relies on several factors which means there’s more to a label than a pretty design.

      Whether you are treating yourself or giving a gift to someone else, Kinzd wants you to have an amazing and memorable experience. All items will be shipped using our signature gift packaging. Depending on the type and size, your item(s) will come wrapped in our signature microsuede sleeve, drawstring bag or soft velour bag (each with black tie accents), and be packaged inside a high-density bronze gift box. You will also have the opportunity to add a personalized gift message when you place your order.

      All of this extra attention to detail is complimentary.

      Gift Packaging

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Front pocket money clip wallet

      This is the perfect size! Enough slots for all of my cards, but also super slim. Money clip works great also. Seems well built, but will see how it holds up over time. Love it so far.

      Mmm Minimalist leather wallet

      A great wallet for me. I had another front pocket wallet without a money clip that didn't like it. Folding money would fall out when I pulled it out. This one has room for my credit cards and a money clip as well. Love it.

      High quality in a perfect size

      After deciding that my old wallet had caused my butt enough pain and suffering, I happened upon this wallet. Slim and neat! This might be the nicest one I've ever owned.

      Excellent money holder and card holder

      Purchased the wallet for the husband. Slim compact design, but has multiple pockets to store cards. It allows him to be organized, and not bulky. Would definitely purchase again for the men in my life.

      Magnetic clip, nice places to organised cards.

      The magnetic clip, nice places to organized cards and ID location perfect for a compact design.and very light in weight. Wanted something small and comfortable to use when I travel and this one is perfect.